For Fellowship

For Fellowship


I love the first paragraph above…

The story goes that the Basques ask themselves three questions every day. The first two questions relate, inevitably, to angst about their national identity. Where do we come from? And who are we?… …The third question, however, is the most important, or at least the most urgent: where, ask the Basques, are we going for dinner tonight?

You may think this is an over exaggeration, but it’s not. People in the Basque Country love to eat and love to be together. And they do a great job of it. There are places reserved for inviting family and friends to eat. These places (called Elkarteak) are basically a restaurant without any staff or chef. It’s a place will a full kitchen, dinnerware, tables, and everything you need for a meal except for the food. You bring your food and you enjoy the meal together.

Today would you pray that God would take this amazing aspect of culture and use it for his glory? Pray that these “Elkarteak” can be used to see people follow Jesus. Pray for groups of believers eating and fellowshipping together and continuing what is already happening in the culture, but this time in the name of Jesus.