August 5, 2016

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We need your help to pray for the Basque Country. We believe that prayer is the work. We must spend time pleading with God to begin changing the hearts of people in the Basque Country.

Pray Personally

It’s a simple task, but it’s not easy.¬†Enter your email below to receive updates 2-3 times per week so that you can join us in praying for the Basque Country.

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Pray with Others

You can start a prayer group in your home or at your church. If you’re willing to do that simply send us a message on our contact page.

Prayer Guides

We have several prayer guides to help you pray individually or as a group. Or we have a YouTube channel with several videos that can help you have a visual of the people and the country you’re praying for.

Prayer Guide-English

Prayer Guide-Spanish

Prayer Guide-French

Prayer Guide-Korean

1 Hour of Prayer for Basque Country

We have created a YouTube video to guide you through an hour of prayer (a little more actually) for the Basque Country. You could use this personally or in a small group setting.