What We’re Doing

Our desire is to see a disciple making movement (DMM) happen in the Basque Country. These movements (also called church planting movements) are defined as a rapid multiplication of indigenous churches planting churches that sweeps through a whole population segment.

The process starts with extraordinary prayer, hence the reason for this website. Paul Watson once said in a web conference that every single CPM that has happened in the world has been preceded by a prayer movement.

To get a brief (and overly simplistic) view of what we hope to accomplish you can view the flow chart below.

CPM’s typically have several critical factors. These 20 elements have been researched and documented by people such as David Watson. These 20 factors are posted on his blog post about CPM critical elements.

CPM’s are characterized by…

  1. Prayer
  2. Scripture as the source of all teaching and preaching utilizing discovery Bible studies.  
  3. Focus on households/families/friend groups instead of individuals
  4. Make disciples, not converts.
  5. Teach obedience to the Word, not doctrine. 
  6. Access ministries 
  7. Plan and be intentional in access ministries, prayer, discovery Bible studies, evangelism, and church planting
  8. Start with the man of peace (Luke 11) or an existing relationship that will permit a Discovery Bible Study
  9. Appropriate evangelism using Discover Bible Studies
  10. Communities of believers (church) – usually in cell or house groups
  11. Reaching out (Missions)
  12. Reproducing disciples, leaders, groups and churches – this often happens rapidly
  13. Inside leaders – lay, local, indigenous leaders
  14. Authority of Scripture and the Holy Spirit
  15. Expect persecution
  16. Educating/teaching, training/coaching, equipping/mentoring
  17. Outside leaders model, equip, watch, and leave.
  18. Self-supporting
  19. Embrace local culture
  20. Expect spiritual conflict/warfare