For A New Religious Perspective

For A New Religious Perspective


A few days ago a friend sent me an article in the paper about a new Islamic university that is going to be started in Donostia, one of the cities in the Basque Country. Donostia is an ideal location for a group like this because of its physical location between Spain and France (two countries that have many muslims). The title of the article says that Donostia will welcome the first European Islamic University and the subtitle says that this university is linked to a non-violent Moroccan Islamic movement that opposes the current dictator. The article mentions that the group is opposed to Jihadist Islamic movements as well.

I believe that something like this will not have much effect in the Basque Country. Most of mainstream society tolerates religious practice and largely ignores it. This, I believe, is because people largely group faith, religion, and culture all together in their head. And since most people are disillusioned by religious cultural expressions, they largely ignore faith as well.

My prayer is that people would begin to see faith differently. It is OK if they see religion as an expression of culture, but I am praying (and asking you to pray as well) that they would think deeper about faith, and that they would be asking questions about God, truth, the Bible, and what it means for their life.

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