For Connected People

For Connected People

In a recent study by EuStat (a statistics arm of the Basque Country) it was reported that 88% of the population of the Basque Country reports an “intense” level of weekly involvement with their close family and 72% report an “intense” level of involvement with their friend groups (or kuadrilla as it is called here).

I was quite surprised when I read these statistics. People are really connected to one another.

In a TED talk on Happiness, Robert Waldinger talks about how the happiest people in life are those who are the most connected in social networks. It is no wonder that most people are quite happy in the Basque Country.

Today would you pray for well connected people? In many ways, this culture already acts a lot like the church. So pray that God would take those aspects and use them for His glory. Pray for families to come to Jesus together. Pray for friend groups to come to Jesus together. And pray that even in the midst of feeling like they have everything, Basque people would see their need for God.

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