For Happy People

For Happy People

img_2337In a recent study by Eustat (a statistics arm of the Basque government), 50% of the population in Gipuzkoa (one of the Basque provinces) have a high satisfaction with life, 44% have a medium satisfaction with life, and only 6% have a low satisfaction with life.

To me, this happiness level seems to be quite high. In the USA, one study reports that only 1 in 3 Americans are happy.

I know these are different studies, reporting different things, but regardless there is a significant different in happiness between Basque Country and the USA. And if I were to take a guess, people in the Basque Country are probably happier than most Christians I know.

So today would you pray for happy people? Pray that they would recognize that there is a deep joy that is found in following Jesus that goes beyond happiness or a general satisfaction with life. Pray that they would see their need for God even in the midst of feeling content and satisfied.

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