What is Extraordinary Prayer?

What is Extraordinary Prayer?

We believe that a church planting movement in the Basque Country will require extraordinary prayer. We believe that because in a study of church planting movements around the world, not one of them started without an incredible amount of prayer.

In all of those cases there were very large numbers of people praying to see the movement. The person who helped conduct this study said that the smallest number of people that they found praying for a particular movement was 3,000 people.

Extraordinary prayer is lots of people, both individuals and groups, praying for a significant amount of time, praying passionately and sacrificially, and praying fervently for God to move on a particular people group’s behalf.

I had someone give me an article about what this looks like. You can download the article here.

The article is titled “Extraordinary Prayer” and is a description of the kind of prayer that is needed to see a church planting movement happen in any part of the world.

This site is dedicated to calling people to this task of prayer. If we truly believe it’s God who will change the hearts of the Basque…then we’ll pray more.

Thanks for praying!

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